Few essential tips to shower your bird

Taking care of the health and hygiene of the pet is the prime responsibility of every pet owner. The pet should be kept clean and clear so that any contaminated diseases can’t do any harm to it. Of course, there are certain rules to take care of your pet, and you should always maintain those for the better health of your pet. Bird as a pet is very sensitive, and they should be taken care of differently than the other animals. Cleaning and showering your bird may seem the biggest challenge to you. But you can overcome it, if you have the necessary equipment and if you know the proper rules to get the bath of your bird. Here I am providing few essential tips which will help you to shower your pet birds.

1. You should always be careful about the bathing water. The water you will be using for bathing your birds, should not be too warm or too cold. Lukewarm water is perfect for bathing your pet bird. You should also give the bath to your bird the in the room temperature.

2. Try to select the time of the day when it is naturally warm. Your bird will feel comfortable bathing in this condition. Generally in the noon, the temperature becomes warm and so the water. If you bath your bird at that time, it will feel comfortable.

3. Keep the bathing area of your bird always clean. Try to clean your bird with the clean water. Wash every inches of your birds but carefully. They should not get hurt while bathing. Their feet and under the area of the feather should be clean always.

4. You can use different things for bathing your bird. If you have a long garden, you can bath your bird in the garden area. You can use bowl to bath your small birds. But if you have got a large bird, you can use shower perch, hose pipe, etc. thing for bathing your bird.

5. You should provide enough space for your bird so that it could get dry after finishing the bath. The feather of your bird should get dried after bathing in a few minutes. If they become wet for the long time, they might catch cold and fall sick.

6. If you are spraying water to your birds to wash them, you should not spray water directly on their face. Use only the fresh water. Don’t mix up any chemical with the spray.

7. Never use any soap or shampoo bathing your birds. Only mild water is enough for washing your pet bird.

So, these are some essential tips which should be kept in your mind to bathe your pet bird.